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    On this page, you will find information about the following:

    How to contact me

    Email is by far the most efficient way to contact me. If you need to see me about something, information about my office hours is on your course syllabus. If you are not taking a course with me right now then send me a note to make arrangements for a meeting. When sending me email, please include a meaningful subject line.

    Students in the Internet and Society class should send email to is05~at~hargittai~dot~com.

    Failing to follow these instructions may result in a considerably delayed response.

    How to request a letter of recommendation

    I am happy to write recommendation letters for students. The longer I have known you and the more classes you have taken with me or projects we have worked on together, the better. To write a letter of recommendation, I will need the following information from you, as soon as possible:

    1. Date the letter is due
    2. Description of the program/fellowship/grant/job, etc. for which you are applying
    3. Details about mode of delivery (e.g. address to which I have to send the letter, whether I have to sign the envelope, etc.)
    4. Any information you think would be helpful for me to know about your work and your interest in this particular program/fellowship/grant/job that would help me write a targeted letter

    I will need this information at least seven days before the deadline, but ideally even sooner. It is also a good idea to send me a reminder two days before the due date.

    If you have questions about any of the above, please contact me.

    How to contest a grade

    A. If you disagree with my assessment of your performance on a graded project then you can contest your grade in the following manner:

      1. Wait seven days after you receive your grade to get in touch with me. (If this incident occurs at the end of a quarter, you may contact me within seven days of receipt of your grade.)
      2. Submit to me (electronically in text format and replicated in hard copy through campus mail) the following information:

      a) your name
      b) the course number in which the assignment occured
      c) the name/number of the assignment
      d) a one paragraph description of why you think you deserve a different grade
      e) what you think would have been a fair grade

    B. If you disagree with my assessment of your performance for an entire course then you should follow official university procedures to contest your grade.

    *You receive information about my office hours in the beginning of the quarter. This information is also posted on my office door. For office location and telephone number, please consult the NU directory. Version 3.3 (online since April 14, 1995)