Eszter's List

Eszter's List is an email distribution list maintained by Eszter Hargittai since December, 2001. It is not a discussion list, rather, a one-way announcement list. The list has over 500 subscribers from dozens of countries. You can browse the archives here.

The list includes:

  • a hand-picked list of Web site recommendations mostly having to do with information technologies, but also with politics and miscellaneous fun stuff

    The volume is low, usually not more than a one or two messages each month.

    Please note that Eszter's List is not a discussion list.
    Only I - Eszter Hargittai, the list owner - can post to it. However, I welcome suggestions for Web sites and other material. Please send me thoughts, URLs (Web addresses), and pointers to interesting information. I will gladly consider posting them to the list.


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    You can browse the 2003 archive (partial) and the 2002 archive of the list. Alternatively, the list also has searcheable archives although access to that requires signing up. Finally, you can also see past issues here: Yahoo! Groups Eszter's List (this also does not require signing up but it may not contain the most recent issues).

    There is a separate page just with the Quotes that have been featured on E-LIST (this list is not fully up-to-date).

    Please send a note if you can't figure out subscription from the above and I'd be happy to add you to the list.

    Disclaimer. Please note that the material sent out on Eszter's List is not necessarily endorsed by Eszter or Princeton or anyone else.

    Privacy. Please rest assured that I will not share the list of subscribers with anyone. The list rests on Princeton University's system so if the system gets hacked, the list could be obtained by someone, but my thought is that if the Princeton system gets hacked, this may not be what the hackers are necessarily going for. In short, I will not share the list with anyone but I cannot guarantee 100% security.

    History. The first issue of Eszter's List went out on December 21, 2001.

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    Last updated: July, 2004