Open Portals or Closed Gates? Channeling Content on the World Wide Web [pdf]

2000. Poetics.27(4):233-254.


I. Introduction
II. The Production and Distribution of Cultural Goods
III. The Rise of Navigational Sites on the World Wide Web
IV. Locating Content on the Web
V. Informed Advertisers, Uninformed Public
VI. Portal Strategies
VII. Diversity in Media Content
VIII. Online Content Diversity
IX. Policy Implications
X. Conclusion


I would like to thank Paul DiMaggio for his helpful guidance since the initial stages of this project. I am also indebted to Rudy Bakalov, Christopher D. Hunter, Brian Steensland, Steven Tepper, Craig Upright, Bob Wuthnow, an anonymous reviewer and participants of the 1999 Spring Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies workshop for their helpful comments. Support from the Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University through a grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts is kindly acknowledged.

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