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This page is undergoing some renovations so please check back again in the next few days for updates.

Famous last words:
I'll never need all that disk space.

At this point, I use quite a few gadgets. I thought I might as well share and suggest what you may want to try and what you may want to avoid. I've found that the best products we find through recommendations.. yup, yet again the power of our social networks.

The Machines

Although I have a desktop in my office, these days I mainly rely on my IBM ThinkPad X60 laptop. It's great. It even has a built-in SD card reader, sweet!

My Treo 680 is also very important to my everydays. I use both its phone and personal digital assistant features regularly.

Additional Gagdets

Thanks to my friend Dirk's research on the issue - and because he allowed me to try his - I purchased a digital camera in 2001: the Canon S100 Digital Elph. I moved on to the S400 a few years later and am now enjoying the SD630. They've all been great.

More to come as I update this page...

What Not To Get

iPod - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not only is it expensive, it's going to cause lots of frustrations. Apple's has a long track record of batteries that fail and they continued this trend with the iPods. It's very unfortunate.

Hewlett-Packard CD Writer - NOOOOO! I really don't recommend it. It's been the worst computer related purchase I've ever made. The idea was to create backups of my big files (300MB+), but it must be incompatible with something on my system because it either takes forever or doesn't work at all. It's caused me more frustration than I care to comment on.

Random Geeky Web stuff

Password Protecting a Folder in UNIX
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For Added Fun

Finally, if you got a kick out of reading the info on this page then you may also enjoy some of the material on this page:

Geek quotes

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