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This is my personal page dedicated to my house at Smith College. Unfortunately Hopkins A & Hopkins B were torn down in the Spring of 1999. In response to this sad event, house alumnae have created a special Website dedicated to the House and its memories. A common bond will forever tie us together: we're Hopkins alumnae who adored our house.

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My pictures of Hopkinites

New! - Reunion '99 | 1996 Graduation | Reunion 1998 | Post-Smith Life

Smith Reunion '99 (Click here for separate collages on Hopkins A and Hopkins B)

Graduation 1996 (and related activities)

Stephanie Kendall '96 and I (Eszter Hargittai '96) at Hopkins Senior Dinner (1996)
Jennifer Pruitt '97 and many others performing Patricia Brand's ('96) senior skit
Amy Kurtz '96 and Patricia Brand '96 at Senior Ball.
Stephanie Kendall '96 and I at Senior Ball

Reunion 1998
Moi (Eszter Hargittai '96) and Amy Kurtz '96 at our two-year Reunion in 1998.
Stephanie Kendall '96 and I at the same event.
Stephanie and Amy wearing cool shoes. (I had to get the contrast )
A whole bunch of 1996 Hopkins alumnae at the same event (I don't know all the names, please help!)

Post-Smith Life
Unbelievable as this may be, but here we have Hanya '96J, Anya Baum '94, and me at a party that I organized at a friend's place in New York City in May, 1997.

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