Smith College Junior Year Abroad Program in Geneva, Switzerland

[For more information see Smith College's official page dedicated to the subject.]

The first words that come to mind:

A wonderfully marvelous, magnificantly awesome, incredibly exciting year. An experience of a lifetime! (That may be a cliché,but it's just true and that's all there is to it.)

The pictures below are not arranged systematically or chronologically. (Click on them for bigger versions.)

This is in the gardens of the Cite Universitaire, the dorms where many of us lived during our year in Geneva. On this picture are Nicole Huber, Alessandra Del Conte, Stephanie Hill, and Elizabeth Kelleher. Oh, and in teh back, the guy passing by is Nick.
Here you can see me with my friend Madlaina Rausch from Zurich, and her friend Lorenz. Really nice people, both of them. (The one on the right is me.)
Friends from my dorm in Geneva: Irene (from Zurich) and Danilo (from Brasilia).
Here is the most amazing Mme Rochat, the Director of the JYA Geneva program my year. The picture was taken at Rocher-de-Naye in the Swiss Alps.
Here's a peak into what the Smith Center is like in Geneva. Whether wanting to study or just hang out, it offers a great environment for both. Here Stephanie Hill, Gerry DiGiusto (Bowdoin '96) Ale
Welcome to my dormroom in Geneva. Here I had a dinner for some of my friends: Marjorie Victor (Amherst '96), Britta Larson, Ale Del Conte and Stephanie Hill.
Same dinner, but this time Alessandra took the picture and so you can see me in the back.
Long story behind this one, I'll spare you the details. The point is, Britta and I ended up having a little picnic in my room. It was fun, even if the weather outside was yucky.
This was a party my friend Wali Zebad and I had for some friends (left to right): Wali, Carolina Ortega Barrales, Sarah Scribner, Stephanie Hill, Ale Del Conte, Katherine Johns, and Kyra Sanin.
This picture was taken during our trip to Dijon, France. All these people were part of the "Geneva Group", namely (from left to right): Leanne Fecteau, Amy Coletta (Brown '96), Stephanie Hill, Ale Del Conte, Lada Soljan, Jennifer Barnett, me, and Katherine Johns. Great bunch!
Here I am with my friend Madlaina Rausch from Zurich. (We lived on the same hallway in our dorm (at the Cite) in Geneva, but she's originally from the German-speaking part of Switzerland.) The year abroad allowed for tons of time to travel. It was great!
Welcome to the world of Arcade 46. If you ever go to Geneva, make sure you miss it (even though it's in the travel guide Let's Go)... JUST KIDDING! Whether you enjoy it or not will depend on you and your luck with the people showing up that night. This is José and Willy, two people who worked at Arcade a lot when we were there and who got to be quite close with several people in our Smith Geneva group.

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