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  • My honors thesis at Smith.
  • My honors thesis was entitled The Internet and International Stratification. It dealt with the reasons of the different access capabilities of nations in the world and the potential effects of these differences.
    I looked at the issue from a development point of view using Immanuel Wallerstein's world-systems theory. I also looked at the question from a cultural point of view drawing on Antonio Gramsci's thoughts on hegemony. There's a considerable amount of info about specific countries' connectivity. You will also find a lot of useful Internet resources relevant to understanding the Internet. Moreover, the links in the text and in the footnotes will lead you to the few sites that are devoted to similar issues.
    Please do contact me if this matter is of interest to you. I haven't found many people in the field, although I think it should be an expanding one.

    My thesis is available on-line, be sure to check it out if you are interested. Comments will be greatly appreciated and seriously considered! (

    In case you are interested in this issue, be sure to also check out my site WeacTies: World-wide Electronic Admixture of Cultures; The Internet's Effects and Sociology

  • Junior year abroad in Geneva Switzerland
  • I spent my junior year abroad. Here are a couple of words about the program in case you don't want to check out my Geneva Page. While in Geneva, I took social science classes at the University of Geneva's Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, and its Humanities Faculty. The sociology courses ranged from topics about regional cooperation in various regions of Europe to media issues. I also took a painting course at the Fine Arts School of Geneva. The system there was very different from the one in the U.S., but on the aggregate I probably learned as much as during a year at Smith. It was an amazing mind-expanding experience. If you get the chance, study abroad for a while when in college.

    If interested in studying abroad, check out my page devoted to the issue: Eszter's Study Abroad Pages

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    Going to a small liberal arts women's college was probably one of the greatest things to ever happen to me!

  • Cool courses I took during my Smith years (cool because either they were just all around amazing, or because I really learned a lot in them)
  • ARH100 Introduction to the History of Art - Smith Art History Department, taught by the entire department, my section leaders: Professor John Davis for first semester and Professor Craig Felton for second semester.
    The course is now on-line. Keep in mind that when I took it it had quite a different format. I'm not sure if things have moved in a positive direction since, but at least the course covers more diverse material culturally speaking which is a positive step.

    SOC311 Seminar - Contemporary Sociological Theory - Smith Sociology Department, taught by Professor Marc Steinberg

    SOC/ARH Sociology of Art and Images - University of Geneva (Smith Junior Year Abroad Program) Art History Department, taught by Professor (of Sociology) Jean-Pierre Keller

    SOC2?? Sex and Gender in American Society - Smith Sociology Department, taught by Professor Nancy Whittier

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