Cucumber Salad (from

Thanks to my Mom for this one!

Cucumbers - they shrink a lot so use at least three or four for two/three people.
Sour cream

Prepare while preparing other dishes, must sit for half an hour. There is some guessing involved in the amounts used.

How to prepare:
Slice up the cucumbers into thin slices.. using a grater is best (just slices, not strips). Put into a bowl and add lots of salt (two/three teaspoons). Mix thoroughly with hands. Let sit for half an hour (or more is not a problem).
Next, squeeze with hands to rinse out. Taste and if too salty, run some water on it and rinse again. Take the garlic, chop it up (best to press actually) and mix it in with the cucumbers. Now take some vinegar (about two tablespoons) and add. Add some (1 teaspoon) sugar as well. Mix. Then take some sour cream (two tablespoons), mix to smooth and then add to salad. Before serving, add some red paprika on top for decor.

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