My Erdõs Number 3

This is random enough, but I actually have a fairly low Erdõs number.

My number is three, here's the route:

  • Eszter Hargittai = 3
    from J.Feigenbaum, E.Hargittai, J.O'Rourke. Expanding the Pipeline, CRAW Database Aids Academic Recruiters 1994. Computing Research News. September
  • Joseph O'Rourke = 2
    from P. Agarwal, B. Aronov, J. O'Rourke, C. Schevon, "Star unfolding of a polytope with applications," SIAM. J. on Computing, 26(6) 1689-1713, December 1997.
  • Boris Aronov = 1
    see info on Aronov's link here
  • Paul Erdõs = 0

    For more information on what all this is about, see the Paul Erdõs Website.

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